Letter From The Office of The Pastor

Posted on August 18, 2016

As we begin to bring an end to our first month together we both grieve the end to a great ministry under Rev. David Bardou, and celebrate new beginnings together under my leadership. Our first month allowed us time to talk and discuss worship together, and adjust to the new ways that I bring with me. I appreciate all of your patience and love with me as I learn my position at the church, and your understanding during times of change.

In our first weeks we have looked at my story, my spiritual practices of deep breathing and positive faith. I have a strong passion for the local church and believe that great change can happen from small events. I believe that the Methodist church is at its strongest when the lay members are involved, energized and excited for the future, and I hope to continue to bring that energy with us in worship, small groups, and meetings.

We all have big dreams for the church, and we all see the need for new vital membership. Before we can do that, it will be important for us to recognize and celebrate the hard work of the dedicated lay leaders that we have. Our church has a history of always making it work, and that is in part by the administration of the church in its staff, but mostly because of the passion and hope you all have for the success and future of this church. It will be imperative as we move forward to recycle the names that fill our leadership committee's with new faces. New faces bring responsibility, deeper discipleship, and most importantly -- new ideas.

Once the membership is revitalized, you will be amazed at the number of guests we have, the amount of missions we will create, and the amount of good we will do. Consider now how vital we are as a congregation, despite membership numbers. We have many services taking place outside of the church, especially in places where ministry is generally lacking. (Nursing homes, retirement homes, hospitals, etc.) and we have a significant amount of donated food coming to us each week that not only blesses each of our members but also the communities that we take the leftovers to. We host a plethora of recovery groups, and we boast the statistic of being a minority church that has grown this past year.

August will be full steam ahead. Now that I have traction at the church, know about 80% of the names, and am beginning to see where the largest needs and desires are I will begin to be the leader you need and the leader Dave was. We will be stream lining the discipleship process into 3 easy steps. First we will focus on perfecting service down in such a way that welcomes guests, is lively, engaging and thought provoking as well as establishing a solid follow up. Next, we will begin to offer a selection of small groups that cater to different ages and types of people. These small groups create networks for people, and allow them to voice their opinions and questions in a time designated for such. This also plants the seed for leadership as they begin to learn more about the role the church and Bible serve in their daily lives.

Finally we will begin to blossom the leaders that emerge from these groups to take part in larger roles of the church. (Committee's and organizing events) this process will help each member see the end goal and encourage reasons to attend church and give examples of what the church is doing in their own lives to friends and family. With this being said our first small group begins August 4th and will be a relaxed event where we look the book of Acts in comparing it to the popular TV show A.D the Bible Continues. We also will be having another Ad Board meeting on the 9th of August where I encourage you to come and voice your opinions and concerns for the church.

I am very pleased and honored to be your new Pastor, and I hope and pray that many fun and fruitful ministries can begin here at Trinity UMC. I pray for God's blessings and grace upon yourselves and your families.